A tool for rating albums and sharing with the world!

Scorechord is a work-in-progress web app I'm currently designing and developing, built in Next.js and Supabase, and inspired by a challenge I share with friends to listen to a new album every day!

Keeping track of details about each album we listen to and what we thought of them was originally done through an enormous spreadsheet with almost a dozen separate pages, requiring manual entry for each album's release year, genres, country of origin, etc. Repeat this 365 times throughout the year and data entry quickly becomes a chore.


Enter Scorechord - an interactive web app, inspired by tools like Letterboxd, allowing us to search for albums we've listened to, have all the metadata automatically populated by the Discogs API, and easily leave behind a rating and a review.


Users can view each other's profiles to view their ratings, and data visualisations about their music tastes. Ratings can be sorted and filtered to better see what each user likes and dislikes.


Scorechord is still actively in development and isn't currently available for public release. If you'd like to learn more, let me know at