Theodo UK Projects

Commercial and Internal Projects from my time at Theodo UK

In my time as a Full Stack Developer at Theodo UK, I had the opportunity to work on 5 commercial projects, and 5 internal projects. Additionally, I founded the company's design team and produced educational content relating to design principles and frontend development.

Commercial Projects

Marketing, Sales, and Internal Tooling Apps for a Solar Energy Company

Technologies: Next JS, React, Hubspot, Heroku, Contentful, NX Monorepo, Storybook, Tailwind

Summary: Added new features to production web apps for a solar energy company, including their marketing site, their sales flow, and internal tools utilised by their installation team.

Neural Style Transfer and Frontend Improvements for a Flooring Company

Technologies: AWS, PyTorch, React, Symfony

Summary: Fixed and implemented new algorithms for a neural style transfer system utilised by a large scale flooring company, alongside frontend improvements for their internal tools

Video Interview Platform

Technologies: Next JS, React, Framer, AWS, Tailwind

Summary: Developed the customer/tenant web app for a video interview platform startup, with a focus on pixel-perfect responsive designs

Risk Assessment Platform for an Established Insurance Provider

Technologies: Next JS 13, React, Django, Terraform, AWS, Tailwind

Summary: Developed a risk assessment web app from the ground up to production, including data visualisation and integration with external APIs.

Universal App for a National News/Media Startup

Technologies: React Native, React, AWS CDK, Cloudcannon, Turborepo, Tamagui

Summary: Developed a large scale universal app for a national news startup, and personally set up & documented a design system to be used across the project, alongside building a custom CMS solution for content editors.

Design Guild

In January 2023, I founded and organised the company’s design team, which involved hosting weekly meetings to share knowledge on design principles/practices and providing designs and feedback for both internal and client projects.

In association with the design team, I produced a series of short-form tutorials on recreating complex UI components with CSS/React, available on the company's YouTube channel.


I also presented a talk on the importance of Usability Testing in development, and basic guidelines to watch out for when creating user interfaces, available here! thumbnail.jpg

Internal Projects

I additionally contributed to a variety of internal projects, including an FAQ chatbot utilising ChatGPT with custom data sources, internal project management tools, and leading design sprints for the company’s website redesign.

Staffing and Leaves Management System

Technologies: Serverless Framework (AWS), Google Apps Script, React

Office Dashboard & Bug Monitor

Technologies: React, Notion API

Airline FAQ AI Proof Of Concept

Technologies: OpenAI/ChatGPT, Supabase, Next JS, React

Theodo UK Website Design Sprints

Technologies: Google Design Sprint Methodology, Figma

Sustainability Calculator Requirements/Design

Technologies: Google Design Sprint Methodology, Figma