My personal portfolio and web design showcase.

Since you're reading this, you likely already know what this website is. I created this site to act as a portfolio for both programming projects I've worked on, and illustrations I've done. The homepage features a dynamic illustration of a landscape from a train window, to showcase my experience in web development, digital 2D illustration, and 3D modelling, which was used as a basis for the train interior.


The site is designed with both elements of pop art and minimalism, featuring a handwritten style and a halftone motif throughout the site. Useful information for visitors can be found on the landing page, and can be navigated by scrolling or clicking the links in the footer.

The Projects section showcases various development projects I've been involved with, including full markdown support to allow for easy formatting and addition of new content.


The Gallery acts as a unified hub for all of my artwork, which may not be present on other social media. It includes a featured art showcase, and infinitely-scrolling preview gallery, and full-detail views of each piece, supporting multiple images and videos files. Tags can be used to search through the gallery to find specific artworks, or other similar pieces to the current one being viewed.


This site is built using React.js, with a Next.js frontend and a Strapi backend, with all aspects of the site created by myself. Thanks for stopping by!